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Eridan and Sollux walked down the street, their breath puffing into the air like clouds of smoke. They had been dressed warmly, and Sollux had borrowed one of Eridan's scarves. Snow gently fluttered down in sparkling flakes, melting as they landed on the warm skin of their faces. Eridan's thick eyelashes were dusted with the powdery white snow, and his glasses kept fogging up from his breath. Sollux sighed, and glared at Eridan as he reached into his pocket to get his lighter, and lit a cigarette. "What?" Sollux shook his head. "You'd think that someone with all of your health problems would be more... wary... about stuff like smoking. You're gonna get sick." Eridan shugged and rolled his eyes. "Whatever. It doesn't really matter." Sollux wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Ugh... It smells horrible too." Eridan's breath came out as smoke as he sighed. "Well then, you don't have to hang around me." Sollux elbowed him in the arm, and said, "Well, if you didn't have friends you probably wouldn't be here now. Act grateful once in awhile." Eridan smiled at him, and said, "You know I'm greatful. Hey, do you wanna stop at Starbucks or something? I really need to drink something warm..."


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